The Easiest Photography Website Builder!

wordpressimage1I recently decided to look into using a website design service instead of building my own. I used to be a web designer, but there’s a lot of new bells and whistles for web design these days and I didn’t want to retrain myself. I’d rather concentrate on my art.

I looked at everyone’s program, but I settled on SmugMug. Why? Number one it was far easier to set up what I wanted. FAR EASIER! Some of the other companies offer nice website templates, but have difficult to understand customization. SmugMug was a snap to set up and if I had a question, they responded quickly.

Besides great tech support, SmugMug is also one of the least expensive.

Right now, if you are a new signup, YOU CAN GET A 20% DISCOUNT. Just click on this link….

Set up a trial website, see how easy it is and then order up the plan you want with a 20% discount.



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